Family: Viperidae
Genus: Daboia Gray, 1842
Binomial name : Daboia russelii (Shaw & Nodder, 1797)
Of all the poisonous snakes in India Russell's Viper is the most poisonous. The scientific name of this snake is Viper Russeli. It comes from the family of Viperidae. It moves at a very slow pace. No matter how much it is provoked it will not move fast. It has the capacity to attack its victim at a lightning speed. As it belongs to the viper family its poison is Hemotoxic. (Hematotoxins are toxins that destroy red blood cells)
The first symptom of the bite of Russell's viper is a strong pain in the bitten area followed by swelling. Oozing of watery blood is common from the bitten area. Even after the death of the victim blood is observed to ooze out from the wound of the victim. But in some patients only a small swelling is observed. If the poison spreads into the blood stream of the victim then the symptoms are fever, intense shivering, (after four hours) vomiting (sometimes even blood may come out due to vomiting) the patient may blurt out irrelevant things and at a later stage renal failure may occur (after 12 hours). As a result of the Kidney failure the patient may become unconscious and may even result in death (approximately after 15-48 hours). The other symptoms are the appearance of bubbles around the bitten area and the wound may become very deep. Even if the wound gets healed it has been observed that puss may come out of the same would after a period of 23 years.
A good treatment is necessary for the bite of Russell's viper. Treatment may be necessary for 2-3 months
Russell's Viper
Image Of Russell's Viper Bite
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