Family: Elapidae
Genus: Bungarus
Binomial name : Bungarus caeruleus (Schneider, 1801)
Indian Krait is a venomous snake commonly found in India. If the poison of Krait gets injected in the body then the patient is sure to die within 10-12 hrs. There are instances where patients have died even after two weeks of the bite of Krait. The poison of this snake immediately gets mixed up in the blood leading to the death of the patient. The poison of Krait is Neurotoxic and Hemotoxic. A kind of sticky blood will ooze out from the bitten area. Chillness and a feeling of pain will be immediately experienced by the patient in the bitten area. If the poison spreads further into the body then the patient will experience pain in the entire body, formation of coagulated sputum in the mouth, vomiting, tiredness and fatigue may be the symptoms that are likely to be seen in the patient. Some patients may complain of extreme pain and irritability in the stomach. Patients bitten by krait have died even without vomiting. Patients at a crucial stage may lose their eyesight and may even lose control over their eyelids. Such symptoms are warning signals prophesising the death of the victim. Coagulation of the sputum in the mouth is also a bad sign. The patient may be able to speak but may not be able to open their eyelids. The treatment for Krait may extend up to one month.
Indian Krait
Image Of Krait Bite
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