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Family: Elapidae
Genus: Bungarus
Common name: Wall's Sind Krait ( B. s. walli ) Sind Krait, Wall's Krait ( B. s. walli ), Sindhi Kraits, Razai Krait ( B. s. razai ), Razai Sind Krait ( B. s. razai ), Common Sind Krait ( B. s. sindanus )
Scientific name: Bungarus sindanus (Boulenger, 1897)
Species: B. fasciatus
Adults: 0.90 m
Maximum: 1518mm (60in)
Toxin: Neurotoxin
Region: Central and western India, Uttar pradesh,Maharashtra, Bihar and Bengal
Description: Medium in length, slender, cylindrical bodied snake with a short tail. Can grow to a maximum of about 1.80 metres ( B. s. sindanus ). Head is flat and slightly distinct from neck. Eyes are small in size and black with barely visible round pupils. Dorsal scales are smooth and glossy with the vertebral row enlarged and hexagonal.
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