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Family: Colubridae
Genus: Ahaetulla
Common name: Short-nosed Vine Snake, Oriental Whip Snake, Green Vine Snake, Asian vine snake, Oriental whipsnake
Scientific name: Ahaetulla prasina (Boie, 1827)
Species: A. prasina
At birth: 240-490mm (9-19in)
Adults: 1.20 m
Maximum: 1970mm (78in)
Toxin: Neurotoxic

Region: Short-nosed Vine Snake (Asian vine snake or Oriental whipsnake), is a widespread species of tree snake found in South Asiaand Southeast Asia.In India West Bengal and Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh

Description: Snout acuminate, projecting, without dermal appendage, rather more than twice as long as the eye. Internasals usually in contact with the labials; one to four small loreals between the prefrontal and the labials ; frontal as long as its distance from the end of the snout or a little longer, a little longer than the parietals; one preocular, in contact with the frontal; two postoculars; temporals 2+2 or 3+3, rarely 1+2; upper labials 9, fourth, fifth, and sixth entering the eye; 4 lower labials in contact with the anterior chin-shields, which are shorter than the posterior. Scales in 15 rows, usually faintly keeled on sacral region. Ventrals 203-234; anal divided; subcaudals 167-203, Bright green, pale olive, or grey-brown, with a yellow line along each side of the lower parts; interstitial skin of the neck black and white.
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