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Family: Colubridae
Genus: Gonyosoma
Common name: Red-tailed Trinket Snake, Red-tailed Racer, Red-tailed Green Rat Snake, Red-tailed Rat snake, Grey-tailed Racer
Scientific name: Gonyosoma oxycephalum
Species: G. oxycephalum
At birth: 400-550mm (16 -22in)
Adult: 1750mm (69 in)
Maximum: 2400mm (95 in)
Region: In India Snake found in Andaman Islands. Also throughout Southeast Asia.
Description: It is a robust snake with powerful, smooth scales on its belly that is ideal for climbing trees and across branches. It has smaller, smooth scales on its back that is usually bright green or light green and may have black net-like pattern. A gray-colour morph with a yellow head exists in Panay, in the Philippines.
As its name indicates, the snake has a green body with a red tail but is usually brown. It also has a dark line horizontally across its eye. On the sides of its black tongue there may be a blue colour. The top of the head maybe dark green, yellow-green or yellow in colour. The female can reach a length of up to 2.4 m (almost 8 feet), while the male is generally a little bit smaller but brighter in coloration. Its average life span in captivity is 20 years. It reaches sexually maturity at 4 years of age, and its eggs have a hatching time from 13 to 16 weeks. The female lays on average between 3 and 8 eggs usually between September and January and the hatchlings are about 400-550mm (16 -22in) long.
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