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Family: Boidae
Genus: Eryx
Common name: Red Sand Boa, Brown Sand Boa, Indian Sand Boa, John's Sand Boa, Common Sand Boa, Baluchistan Sand Boa (E. j. persicus), Persian Sand Boa (E. j. persicus), Smooth Sand Boa, Smooth-scaled Sand Boa, John's Earth Snake, Two-headed Snake, Black Earth Boa, Eastern Red Sand Boa (E. j. johnii)
Scientific name: Eryx johnii (Russell, 1801)
Species: E. johnii
Birth: 220mm (9in)
Adults: 750mm (30in)
Maximum: 1000mm (39in)
Region: Throughout India. Also Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Iran
Distribution: Adults rarely exceed two feet in length 750mm (30in), although they sometimes reach 1000mm (39in). Adapted to burrowing, the head is wedge-shaped with narrow nostrils and very small eyes. The body is cylindrical in shape with small polished scales. The tail, which is blunt, rounded and not distinct from the body, appears truncated. Coloration varies from reddish-brown to dull yellow-tan.
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