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Family: Colubridae
Genus: Chrysopelea
Common name: Ornate Flying Snake, Golden Tree Snake, Golden Flying Snake, Indian Ornate Flying Snake ( C. o. ornata ), Southeast Asian Flying Snake ( C. o. ornatissima )
Scientific name: Chrysopelea ornata (Shaw, 1802)
Species: C. Ornata
Birth : 114-200mm (5-8 in)
Adults: 1000mm (39 in)
Maximum: 1750mm (69 in)
Region: In India hills of Southwest Orissa, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat and Kerala. Also Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar
Description: Chrysopelea ornata is usually green in colour, with black cross-hatching and yellow or gold colored accents. The body, though slender, is far less so than in other tree snakes. It has a flattened head with constricted neck, a blunt nose and large eyes with round pupils. The lateral, sharp and pronounced keeled condition of the ventrals in association with the normal, not enlarged, vertebral row of scales distinguish this snake.
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