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Family: Colubridae
Genus: Lycodon
Common name: Oriental Wolf Snake, Common Wolf Snake, House Snake
Scientific name: Lycodon capucinus (F.Boie, 1827 )
Species: L. capucinus
Adults: 0.45 m
Maximum: 780 mm (31 in)
Region: In India the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Also probably the Maldives and much of Southeast Asia (Australia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, SE China, Hong Kong,Bangladesh, Indonesia, West Malaysia, Johor: Pulau Besar, Mascarenes and The Philippine Islands.)
Description: A slender-bodied small snake that ranges from barely three feet to less than one meter. Most wild-caught specimens usually reach less than these lengths. Coloration is adapted for life underground and on the forest floor. Shades of jet black, reddish-brown or dark gray with speckles, blotches and spots of white or pale yellow scattered over the body are its usual colours. There is also a distinct white coloration around its neck. Their colour patterns vary from one geographic location to another. There are albino-colour ones which are very rare among this snake species. Their snout is duck bill-shaped and is enabled for digging in soft or sandy ground. They have enlarged front teeth but don't resemble fangs as they are not poisonous.
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