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Family: Colubridae
Genus: Elaphe
Common name: Mandarin Trinket Snake, Mandarin Snake, Mandarin Rat snake, Jade Snake
Scientific name: Euprepiophis mandarinus (Cantor, 1842)
Species: E. mandarinus
At birth: 300mm (12in)
Adult: 1000-1200mm (39-47in)
Maximum: 1740mm (69in)
Region: In India snake Found in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh. Also China, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam and Tibet
Description: The Mandarin Rat Snake (Euprepiophis mandarinus or Elaphe mandarina) is a species of snake found in Asia. It is a relatively small rat snake; adult size is 1.2m (39-47in) or less. It is closely related to Elaphe conspicillata, the Japanese Forest Rat Snake.
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