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Family: Viperidae
Scientific name: Trimeresurus malabaricus
Common name: Malabar pitviper, Rock viper, Malabar rock pitviper
Species: T. malabaricus.
Adults: 550-790mm (22-31in)
Maximum: 1050mm (41in)
Toxin: Hemotoxic, Bites from this species result in intense local pain and swelling.
Blood Test: Bleeding time clotting time, Blood urea, Serum creatinine. (Every 2 hours)

Region: This snake is found in the Western Ghats as far north as Belgaum.

Description: The weakly keeled dorsal scales are arranged in 21 or 19 rows at midbody. The tail is prehensile Ventral scales in the males number 143-158 and in females 136-159. Anal scale entire. Subcaudals paired and numbering 50-63 in males, 44-54 in females. Internasals large and usually touching. There are 9 or 10 supralabials, the first completely separated from the nasal. There is a single row of scales between supralabials and elongate subocular. The temporal scales are smooth or obliquely keeled. Many different colour morphs are known to exist, including colours such as yellow, green, and brown. Shown here is a brown colour morph with pattern.
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