Macclelland's Coral Snake
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Family: Elapidae
Common name: Macclelland's coral snake
Scientific name: Sinomicrurus macclellandi (J.T. Reinhardt, 1844)
Species: S. macclellandi
Adults: .45m
Maximum: 812mm (32in)
Toxin: Neurotoxin.
Region: It is found in Northern India (Assam, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Mizoram); Arunachal Pradesh (Deban – Changlang district, Chessa, Chimpu – Papum Pare district), Nepal, N Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, Central and Southern China (including Hong Kong, Hainan, north to Gansu and Shaanxi), Japan (Ryukyu Islands), Taiwan.

Description: It is a small snake, about 40–80 centimetres (16–31 in) long. It has a thin, reddish-brown body, with thin, black cross bars, and a creamy white belly. The head is small, round and black in colour, with a broad, creamy white transverse band, and black outlines at the middle of the head. The dorsal scales on the body are smooth, and they are arranged, at midbody, in 13 parallel longitudinal rows.
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