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Family: Colubridae
Genus: Ptyas
Common name: Indian Rat Snake, Dhaman, Dhaman Rat Snake, Common Rat Snake, Oriental Rat Snake, Grass Beauty, Greater Indian Rat Snake, Rope Snake
Scientific name: Ptyas mucosus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Species: P. Mucosus
Birth: 320-470mm (13-19 in)
Adults: 200mm (79 in)
Maximum: 3500mm (138 in)
Region: Throughout South Asia, from sea level to 4000m (13120ft)

Description: Large in length, elongate, cylindrical bodied snake with a long gradually tapering tail. Can grow to a maximum of over 3.00 metres ( an exceptional specimen of 3.58 metres has been recorded ). Head is elongate, somewhat concave in loreal region,and slightly distinct from neck. Eyes are large in size with round pupils. Supraocular scale forms a laterally protruding shelf over the eye. Nostril is large and prominent. Dorsal scales are smooth laterally and keeled vertebrally strongest on the posterior body with paired apical pits. Vertebral scale row is sometimes slightly enlarged. Ventrals sometimes have obtuse lateral keels.
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