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Family: Hydrophiidae
Common name: Hook-nosed sea snake, Beaked sea snake, Common sea snake, Valakadyn sea snake.
Scientific name: Enhydrina schistosa (Daudin, 1803)
Species: E. schistosa
At birth: 150-280mm (6-11in)
Adults 600-1100mm (24-43in)
Maximum: 1580mm (62in) Toxin: Neurotoxins and Myotoxins.
Region : It is found in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf (off Oman), south of the Seychelles and Madagascar, the seas off South Asia (Pakistan, India andBangladesh), Southeast Asia (Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, Vietnam).

Description: The rostral scale is longer than A broad, and is in contact with four shields; frontal more long than broad, shorter than the parietals; nasals in contact with the two anterior labials; sometimes partially divided; one pre- and one or two postoculars; temporals lā€“3; seven or eight upper labials, fourth or third and fourth entering the eye, the last sometimes divided; anterior chin-shields rather indistinct, separated. Scales with a tubercle or keel, in 50ā€“70 rows; ventrals 230ā€“314, slightly enlarged. The snake is usually uniformly dark grey above; sides and lower parts whitish. Young specimens olive or grey with black transverse bands, broadest in the middle. Length of head and body 1110 mm; tail 190 mm
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