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Family: Typhlopidae
Genus: Typhlops
Common name: Diard's Worm Snake, Diard's Blind Snake, Indo-Chinese Blind Snake
Scientific name: Typhlops diardii (Schlegel, 1839)
Species: T. diardii
Birth: 100mm (4in)
Adults: Typhlops diardii Schlegel, 1839
Maximum: 430mm (17in)
Region: Snake Found in India Jalpaiguri-West Bengal,as far west as Dun Valley in Assam. Also Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Malay Peninsula, Nias Island and Sumatra.
Description: To 43cm long. May appear to be a thick worm at first glance, but can be distinguished by its scales, dry skin, eyes, and flicking tongue. This is one of the largest blind snakes in Thailand, both in length and girth. The eye is clearly visible. Scales are small and shiny. Tail ends in a sharp spine. Dark brown color above fades into a lighter brown belly.
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