Darjeeling Snail-eater
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Family: Pareatidae
Genus: Pareas
Common name: Darjeeling Snail-eater, Spotted Slug Snake
Scientific name: Pareas margaritophorus (Jan, 1866)
Species: P. margaritophorus
Maximum: 480mm (19in)
Adult: 0.35 m
Region: In India snake found in West Bengal and Sikkim. Also Bangladesh, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam
Description: Spotted slug snakes are forest-dwellers that are about small to medium sized. They have fangs that are located on their lower jaw in which they can use to remove the snail from their shells to eat. They have blunt heads that are wider than their actual body width. It averages about 47 cm in length and can be spotted by its collar that can be yellow or orange with a grey or brown body. It also has black scales with a pale underside with dark spots.
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