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Family: Colubridae (Homalopsidae)
Genus: Cerberus
Common name: Crab Eating Water Snake, White-Bellied Mangrove Snake, Whitebelly Water Snake
Scientific name: Fordonia leucobalia ( Schlegel, 1837 )
Species: F. leucobalia
At birth: 180mm (7 in)
Adults: .50m
Maximum: 940mm (37in)
Toxin: Neurotoxin
Region: In India West bengal, Nicobar Islands also Thailand, Malaysia Singapore.

Description: It is a common resident of mangrove swamps and tropical tidal wetlands from Southeast Asia to the coasts of Northern Australia. Individual F. leucobalia reach up to a meter in length, and are brown or gray in color with a white belly. There is significant colour variation. Some have spots. The anatomy reflects the snake's water-living lifestyle: the eyes are located atop the head, and the nostrils have valves that close when the snake dives.
The snake eats small prey that live in its habitat, such as frogs and small fish, and it specializes in crabs, hence its name. Like other homalopsines, F. leucobalia bears live young.
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