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Family: Typhlopidae
Genus: Rhinotyphlops
Common name: Beaked worm snake, Beak-nosed worm snake
Scientific name: Rhinotyphlops acutus (A.M.C. Duméril & Bibron, 1844)
Species: R. acutus
Maximum: 600mm (24 in)

Region: Found south of the Ganges Basin and south of Rajasthan. Range extends west to Baroda and east to Calcutta. The largest South Asian worm snake

Description: Head same width as body; snout pointed with large, hooked beak-like scale. Nostrils below the 'beak'. Tiny scale-covered eye visible as a black dot. Short tail ends in a spine. Glossy brown above, distinctly paler below. Only upper jaw has teeth.
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