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Family : Viperidae
Common name: Bamboo pit viper
Scientific name : Trimeresurus gramineus
Species : T. gramineus
At birth: 160mm(6in)
Adults: 400mm(16in)
Maximum: 1135mm (45in)
Toxin: Hemotoxic, Bites from this species result in intense local pain and swelling.
Blood Test: Bleeding time clotting time, Blood urea, Serum creatinine (Every 2 hours)
Region: This snake is found in the Western Ghats as far north as Belgaum

Description: Rostral scale as deep as broad or broader than deep; upper head-scales small, smooth, imbricate;supraocular scale narrow, rarely broken up; internasals in contact or separated by one or two scales; 8 to 13 scales on a line between the supraoculars; usually one or two, rarely three, series of scales between the suboculars and the labials; 9 to 12 upper labials, second usually forming the anterior border of the loreal pit, third largest; temporal scales smooth. Dorsal scales more or less distinctly keeled, in 21 (rarely 19 or 23) rows. Ventrals 145-175; anal scale entire; subcaudals in two rows 53-76. Upper parts usually bright green, rarely yellowish, greyish, or purplish brown, with or without black, brown, or reddish spots; usually a light, white, yellow, or red streak along the outer row of scales; end of tail frequently yellow or red; lower parts green, yellow, or whitish.
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