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Family: Uropeltidae
Genus: Uropeltis
Common name: Ashambu Shieldtail, Günther's earth snake
Scientific name: Uropeltis liura (Günther, 1875)
Species: U. liura
Maximum: 320mm (13in)
Region: It is found in southern India (Madura and Tinnevelly HilIs, 3,000-5,000 feet).
Distribution: Dorsum purplish brown, with each scale darker-edged, and with transverse series of small yellow black-edged ocelli. Ventrum and sides with large alternating black and yellow spots or crossbands.
Adults may attain 32 cm (12.5 inches) in total length.
Dorsal scales in 19 rows behind the head, in 17 rows at midbody. Ventrals 174-188; subcaudals 8-12.
Snout obtusely pointed. Rostral about ⅓ the length of the shielded part of the head, portion visible from above as long as its distance from the frontal. Nasals in contact with each other behind the rostral. Frontal longer than broad. Eye small, its diameter less than ½ the length of the ocular shield. Ventrals twice as wide as the contiguous scales. Tail round or slightly laterally compressed. Caudal dorsal scales smooth or with very faint keels. Terminal scute very small, with two points
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