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Family: Viperidae
Common name: Andaman pit viper, Mangrove pit viper, Mangrove viper, Shore pit vipe
Scientific name: Trimeresurus andersoni
Species : T. andersoni
At birth: 140mm(6in)
Maximum: 1100mm (43in)
Toxin: Hemotoxic, Bites from this species result in intense local pain and swelling.
Blood Test: Bleeding time clotting time, Blood urea, Serum creatinine (Every 2 hours)
Region: Found in India (Assam, Andaman Islands), Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, West Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (Sumatra). The type locality is listed as "Singapore".
Description: Males grow to a total length of 66.5 centimetres (26.2 in), females 90 centimetres (35 in). The maximum tail lengths are then 12.5 centimetres (4.9 in) and 14 centimetres (5.5 in) respectively. Scales in 25-27 longitudinal rows at midbody; 11-13 upper labials, the first partially or completely united with the nasal; supraocular very narrow, sometimes broken into small scales, 12-15 scales between them; head scales small, subequal, tuberculate or granular; temporal scales keeled. Body color highly variable: above olive, grayish, to dark purplish brown; below whitish, greenish or brown, uniform or spotted with brown; a light line on scale row one bordering ventrals present or absent; head olive, heavily suffused with brown. Ventrals: males 160-179, females 168-183; subcaudals: males 74-76, females 56-63, paired; hemipenes without spines.
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