Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake
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Family: Colubridae (Homalopsidae)
Genus: Cantoria
Common name:Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake, Cantor's Water Snake
Scientific name: Cantoria violacea Girard, 1857
Species: C. violacea
Maximum: 1200mm(47in)
Adult : 0.70 m
Toxin: Neurotoxic
Region: In India (Andaman Islands), Myanmar, southern Thailand, Indonesia (Kalimantan, Sumatra, Timor), western Malaysia (Malaya), and Singapore. Description: Rostral broader than deep. Frontal a little longer than broad, shorter than its distance from the end of the snout, and shorter than the parietals. Eye between four shields: a preocular, a supraocular, a postocular, and a subocular. Loreal longer than deep. One elongate anterior temporal, in contact with the postocular and the subocular. 5 upper labials. 3 lower labials in contact with the anterior chin shields, which are not longer than the posterior chin shields.
Dorsal scales smooth, without apical pits, in 19 rows. Ventrals 266-278; anal divided; subcaudals 56-64.
Blackish above, with white transverse bands, which widen towards the abdomen. These bands are very narrow in the typical form, wider in the var. dayana, but constantly much narrower than the black interspaces. Some white spots on the head. Lower parts white, with greyish spots, which are continuations of the dorsal cross bands. These bands may form complete rings on the tail.
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