1. Jeevarakshathailam
Jeevarakshathailam is a powerful ayurvedic Antivenom used for the treatment of snake bite. The antivenom is given orally. The dose of the antivenom is determined according to the condition of the patient. Three drops of the antivenom is usually given to cure the patient. But if the patient is in a critical stage (on the verge of death) then ten drops (heavy dose) of the antivenom can be given. The patient should respond to the medicine in ten minutes. If the patient does not show any response even after one or two hours then the possibility of survival of the patient is doubtful.

2. Jeevarakshagulika (Life saving drug)
Jeevarakshagulika is a powerful ayurveda tablet to cure a person from snake bite. The tablet is to be crushed and mixed in milk. This mixture is then given to the patient three times after every twenty five minutes. If the patient vomits the given tablet then his life may be in danger. The patient may then be given the tablet in water boiled with dried ginger. Again if the patient vomits then the next tablet may be given in Kadi water. If the patient doesn't vomit then all the three tablets may be given in milk and if the patient vomits all the medicines (even after giving medicines for not vomiting) then there is little hope of saving the patient.
Powerful Ayurvedic Antivenoms
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