1. The patient is to be made to lie down straight and it is to be ensured that he gets the least movement so that the poison doesn't spread through his body. (Note: When a person is bitten by snake he should not run and make sure that he gives the least movements to his body.)
2. A soft thread or cloth is to be tied lightly about five inches from the wound, if the bite is in the leg or in the hand. Yet another thread when tied about five inches from the first thread would be helpful in preventing the poison from spreading into the body.
3. If the bite is either on the leg or on the hand (and not on any other part of the body) then a small cut can be made, to bleed the blood from the wound. Experience has taught me that this method when used liberates the patient from the symptoms of snake bite even if it is a venomous snake. (Russells Viper, Cobra) Even though this is against medical advice the result for this method has always been positive.
4. Fear would cause the spread of poison fast in the body. So the patient has to be calm, positive, and courageous. None should say things that would induce fear in the patient. There are instances of patients dead from the bite of even Rat snakes (non venomous) due to fear.
5. The snake bite victim should neither drink liquor nor smoke nor inhale tobacco. It is observed that the patients who smoke become unconscious.
6. The Patient should not be given to eat because the energy from the food makes the body processes faster.
7. Try to get the patient to a good doctor for further treatment.
8. If possible the snake is to be brought for identification and for giving appropriate treatment to the patient.
9. The blood group of the patient is to be identified immediately after the snake bite because certain snake poisons contain the enzyme Hemolysin which destroys the protein in the blood and this in turn may make the identification of the blood group difficult.
10. Last but not the least it is to be kept in mind that everything happens for one's own good.
The right first aid treatment at the right time can help to save a life.
First Aid Treatment for Snake Bite
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