P E Thomas (1919-2007)
Founder Of The Parakulangara Toxicologycentre
We the members of the Parakulangara family are traditional practitioners of Ayurveda and have specialized in Toxicology, a branch of Ayurveda that combats the effects of natural poisons, which posses long term or immediate threat to the continuity of the life process. Parakulangara Toxicology centre aims at helping the victims of venomous creatures like Snakes, using Ayurvedic methods of treatment. The age old treatment was started late by late P.E Thomas in the year 1955 and now the traditional practice is continued by Mr. Jose Thomas (son of P.E Thomas) and by Mr. Robin Jose (grandson of P.E Thomas). For snake bite the treatment is available throughout the day (24hrs).
The late Mr. P.E Thomas has saved the lives of many victims of snake bite. He learnt the treatment from KT Thomas Kanathil and VK Joseph Valayat .He has practiced the same for almost 52 yrs and has saved 4228 from a critical stage due to snake bite. Apart from being a Vaidyan he is also a Writer. He has penned a book titled "Vishavaidyam" (Part I&II) that gives an interesting account of his experiences with snakes and also about the victims of snakes.
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